15/11/2010 at SAANR

Once again I headed to SAANR with Brian. We checked first some wadis founding only Mourning Wheatears and the same White-crowned Wheatear.  After that we went to Tulha thinking that the place is absolutely dead. However, I heard Red-breasted Flycatcher call and then an other call that wasn’t familiar to me. I alerted Brian and he came over  and soon spotted EVERSMANN’S REDSTART This was a real “dream come true”-species for us and needless to say lifer for both of us. Now we just hope that it stays there so that also some other birders are able to see it. Trouble is that we had a Sparrowhawk patrolling the area too.

Male Eversmann’s Redstart (Phoenicurus erythronotus)

Same male Eversmann’s Redstart