24/09/2009 African Darter at Jahra Pool Reserve a new species for Kuwait

African Darter Anhinga (melanogaster) rufa is a new species for Kuwait was found and photographed by OSk members today at Jahra Pool reserve. It was Rashed who first paid attention to the bird identified it. This morning it was seen Nawaf Ahmed, Mohammad Al-Kandary, Ibrahim Al-Nassar and AbdulRsahman Al-Sirhan.

African Darter Anhinga (melanogaster) rufa, photographs by Rashed Al-Hajji


African Darter Anhinga rufa


African Darter Anhinga rufa, photographs by Nawaf Ahmed

African Darter Anhinga rufa

African Darter Anhinga rufa

Steppe Grey Shrike Lanius meridionalis pallidirostris

Steppe Grey Shrike


  1. Congratulation
    African Darter doesn’t report for many years in region
    In Iran a small breeding population observed in Hour Al Azzim Marsh(Border of Iraq)

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