22/09/2017 at Mutla’a Ranch

I visited with Mr. Bassel Mutla’a Ranch this morning. After usual stuff like Rose Finch, several warblers, Golden Oriole etc. Bassel spotted Shikra. Both pictures are by Bassel. Juvenile Shikra (Accipiter badius) Note pale iris and gular stripe. Photo by Bassel

08/09/2017 at Al Abraq and Jahra Pool Reserve

I visited these sites with Mr. Bassel. Highlights in Al Abraq were 3-4 Egyptian Nighthars, Citrine Wagtail, Golden Oriole and first Pied Wheatear for this autumn. Sajan and Subash saw also two European Nightjars. At Jahra Pool Reserve we had 18 Cream Coloured Coursers, Black-tailed Godwit, Glossy Ibis, two Red-necked Phalaropes, Great Crested Grebe and …

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Mystery Sylvia Warbler photographed on April 9th 2017 in Liyah North, Kuwait

The bird was spotted by Robert Poot and Edward IJzendoorn. The bird  was initially identified as Subalpine Warbler. Later on some experts claimed it to be Menetries’s Warbler. I simply do not know it’s true identity. It looks so different to be Menetries’s but I do not know. If somebody has better information / experience …

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18/04/2017 at Fintas Park, Fahaheel & Port Zour

Short stop to Fintas Park produced second Rueppell’s Weaver and one more Basra Reed Warbler. Fahaheel Park was good for migrants but not yelding any specialities. In Al Kout’s watchtower we had our first White-cheeked Terns. After that Richard Jeffrey spotted Kittiwake which is third record for Kuwait if accepted by KORC. Photographing wise I …

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31/03/2017 at Mutla’a Ranch and Liyah Reserve

I visited Mutla’a Ranch with Bassel this morning. There was not too much activity around, however, we managed to see Nightingale and pale morph Booted Eagle. There were also two small flocks of Hypocolius. Next we headed to Liyah reserve few kilometers more north. Driving in we observed singing Hoopoe Lark. In the begining we …

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24/03/2017 at Abraq Al Habari

I visited today Al Abraq with Bassel. Inspite of thunderstorm in Kuwait city we headed toward this remote farm. It really paid off since rain stopped and Al Abraq was full of migrants. Especially warblers like Menetries’ and Eastern Orphean were numerous. Menetries Warblers we saw 12. Although 8 Eastern Orphean Warblers is not new …

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Jahra East Outfall 3/3/2017

I visited with my friend Bassel Jahra East Outfall last friday. First I made a mistake where to turn and this lead us to place where Bassel spotted Brown-necked Raven. Then we found our way to right direction and my friend spotted Stone-curlew. I struggled to see bird even that I knew the direction. We …

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