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Spring Tour Report 12-20 April 2019

Tour participants (from left to right): Paul Nilsson (Danish), Marc Lucas (Belgium), Gordon Cox (British), Graham Clarke (Irish), Jim John Christensen (Danish), Anders Hammergart (Danish), AbdulRahman Al-Sirhan (Tour leader), Daniel Mauras (French), Nicholas Watmough...

Participants: From left to right, AbdulRahman Al-Sirhan (Tour leader), Christopher Elmer, Alberto Artiglia, Radoslaw Robert Gwozdz, Mike Chapman, Christopher Hughes and Jacek Tabor.

Kuwait Spring Tour 07-15 April 2018

The following photographs were kindly supplied by Christopher Elmer.  Day 1: 08/04/2018 We went to west of KISR to search for the Hypocolius, it wasn’t there! Highlights were a Turkestan Shrike, Armenian Gull, Eastern...

Afghan Babbler Turdoides perched on a branch of a bush

2nd Winter Tour Report 5-12 December 2016

Participants: Michel Gerber and Martin Miguel. The tour was another success, although missed the Shikra, Eversmann’s Redstart and the Crested Honey Buzzard, but were replaced with Indian Roller, Buff-bellied pipit, Pallid Scops Owl and Sykes’s...