18/10/2014 at Messila Beach

Birds at the coastal areas were the usual birds at this time of year. I saw the following:

Common Tern 20, Lesser Crested Tern 4, Gull-billed Tern 2, Sandwich Tern 4 , Heuglin’s Gull 2, Baltic Gull 1, Dunlin 10, Common Redshank 7, Common Ringed Plover 12, Greater Sand Plover 8, Little Stint 32, Kentish Plover 5

Heuglin’s Gull is the largest large white-headed gull in Kuwait while Baltic is the smallest, note the size contrast below.

Heuglin’s Gull Larus (fuscus/heuglini) heuglini left and Baltic Gull Larus fuscus right, note the size difference.

Heuglins and Baltic Gulls