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I am a Kuwaiti birdwatcher,  in this blog I will publish my bird sightings and others together with photographs if they are of good quality or of rare birds. It will include birds and the site at which they have been seen, and of course their numbers. The reason behind this blog is to promote bird watching activity and encourage people into taking measures of protecting them together with their habitat, encourage setting up reserves for breeding and migrant birds, especially “Jahra East Outfall” which at the moment is being destroyed by camel and sheep herders and bird shooters, as bushes and reeds have been burned out and cut off by herders and overgrazed by camels and sheep, large bushes such as Ghardug Nitraria retusa have been reduced from more than 3m height to just less than one metre.

Also to produce an up-to-date checklist of Kuwait’s birds, encourage scientific research and bird identification up to subspecies level, and establish a ringing station for ringing and scientific research.

My main website is will be regularly updated with photographs and text as appropriate.

My aim is also to protect Kuwait’s Wildlife, plants, and to support Public Authorities in pursuing this aim.

I also invite any person interested in birds to register into this blog and add their own comments on any post or photograph.

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