03/12/2013 at Abdaly Farms and Al Shallal’s Farm

I was with 5 British, one Irish and one Italian birders in Abdaly farms. We managed to see 6 Afghan Babblers and as a bonus species we saw adult male Shikra. There were also a big flock of Hypocolius. However, this wasn’t the whole story yet. On our way back to Kuwait city we visited Sabriya farm. This farm is not particularly big but interesting since it is located near coast line. Almost immediately Alan saw something interesting in the first corner of the wall. Others saw male Black Redstart. Later on we came across with the bird that appeared to be Red-breasted Flycatcher. Since the season is not right for that species we decided to have a better look of the bird. Little by little the real nature of the bird started to emerge. Almost everyone of the group contributed small pieces of evidence showing that indeed we were dealing with Taiga Flycatcher. I naturally spred the word among local birders. We visited the site also today and we managed to hear different type call compared to R-b Flycatcher. AbdulRahman visited the farm this morning and he managed to get good pictures. See AbdulRahman’s pictures below.