Birdwatching on 07/05/2018

Jahra Farms

I visited Jahra Farms this morning not so much to see my second collared Flycatcher in Kuwait but to say goodbye to my dear friend Markus Craig who is leaving Kuwait by June. He has been, in recent years the leading figure to find something new. I’m going for the summer holidays within a few days, so I wanted to meet Markus before that. Another significant birder is Basel who is also leaving this summer. We’ll face a massive loss in terms of finding good birds. I’m still coming back to Kuwait by mid-August. I hope to stay till the end of this year but after that, I have no idea about my future in Kuwait.

Collared Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis
Collared Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis ذُبَابِيٌّ مُطَوَّقٌ