07/12/2020 Forest Wagtail, the second for Kuwait

This morning I was contacted by Omar saying there is a Forest wagtail at Jahra Pools Reserve. Khaled Al-Ghanem found the bird this morning. I rushed there but waited for some time, moved forward along the track then with the help of Omar, Humoud, and Aziz, there it was! Along a water line by the reeds. I then managed to take photographs for the blog.
It is a 1st-year bird 1st winter, as it has fresh plumage and has less than complete neckband. There were two birds as reported by other observers, including Khaled himself.

It is more than 14 years since the first record which was found at Abraq Al-Habari on 10th November 2006.

Forest Wagtail running along a track close to running water
Forest Wagtail Dendronanthus indicus أَصْقَعٌ غَابِيٌّ