08/03/2008 at Jahra East Outfall and Sulaibiya Pivot Fields

At JEO: Mountain Chiffchaffs 2 (seen and heard calling), Moustached Warbler 1, Grey Wagtail 1, Yellow Wagtail feldegg ssp.,

At Pivot Fields: Shikra 1 (was flying outside Pivot Fields before the enterance), Pied Wheatear 3, Collared Pratincole 2, Steppe Buzzard 1, Steppe Eagle 1.

In a restaurant 1Km away from Kuwait Tower I enjoyed watching a pair of Bank Mynas building their nest on a 15m high lamp post in a cable hole of a bulb housing at the top of post.

Collared Pratincole Glareola pratincola
Dr Gary Brown taking photos