10/04/2008 the first Lesser Frigatebird for Kuwait at Zour Port.

The following has just been posted at WestPalBirds@yahoogroups.com on behalf of Richard Bonser:

A Lesser Frigatebird has been seen and photographed this evening at Zour Port, southern Kuwait by visiting English birders- a national first and as I understand it the 4th Western Palearctic record and the first away from Israel (birds at Eilat on 1st December 1997, 6th May 1999 and 16th April 2005).
Of interest a single Socotra Cormorant, 100 Bridled and 4 White-cheeked Terns were also at this site today.
Cheers and good birding

From Lee G R Evans I recieved this email through UK400Club@yahoogroups.com:
Just in the nick of time ! A single SOCOTRA CORMORANT has returned this
spring to Zour Port in Kuwait but more importantly, a juvenile LESSER FRIGATEBIRD
is showing well this evening, along with 100 or more BRIDLED TERNS. The
Frigatebird constitutes the first record for Kuwait (Lee Gregory, Justin Lansdell,
etc). With luck, the bird will still be present tomorrow. I shall be there with
a group from 11th-16th April

Lee G R Evans


It is probably the iredalei subspecies as it is this subspecies that breeds in Mascarene Islands east of Madagascar and disperses to coasts of India and Somalia. The other two subspecies recognized, namely ariel and trinitatis are unlikely.