12.08.2008 an Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler a first for Kuwait at Jahra Farms

In the morning I decided to visit Jahra Farms. After seeing many interesting birds I came across with Phylloscopus-species that I first thaught to be either Willow Warbler or Chiff Chaff. Since I was carrying quite heavy camera equipment I decided to photograph the bird and identify species at home from my pictures. While shooting few quick shots I noticed obvious green panels on the wings. Unfortunately the bird flew to nearby big Tamarisk tree and disappeared. I thought about the possibility that I had seen Bonelli’s Warbler type of bird.This was confirmed after downloading my pics onto computer.

Identification was based on the following features: First task was  to identify it as Bonelli’s Warbler/Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler. Greenish panels on the wings and greenish sides of tail are clearly visible as well as yellowish rump. Edges of tertials are whitish, Face of the bird is whitish as well as the rest of underpart. Eye-ring is unbroken. To identify bird as Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler: Amount of green colour  on the wings and sides of the tail is rich. Longer primary projection compared to Bonelli’s Warbler. Grey head, neck and upper mantle are without any hint of greenish tinge. However, no call was heard.

 Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler (Phylloscopus orientalis)

Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler