13/01/2008 at Pivots Fields and Kuwait University

Today the two groups arrived at Kuwait international airport, a Danish and a British group; they headed straight to Subiya and relocated the two Purple Sunbirds.

This morning they were at the Pivot Fields when I met them, we then split into three groups in search of the Little Curlew, even though two days ago it was not relocated again. This morning it was very cold, temperature was down to 5° C and the Pivot Fields had reduced it bird numbers to only c. 20%, Water Pipits, Northern Lapwings and White Wagtails are not seen in 100’s any more, so unfortunately we couldn’t find the Little Curlew.

I found 3 Merlins two on one patch, 4 Namaqua Doves, 10 White Wagtails, 7 Water Pipits, 14 Northern Lapwings, and the Danishes saw 1 European Golden Plover, although two days ago they were 9 European Golden Plovers as reported by Brian.

We decided to go to Sulaibikhat Reserve to see the Long-tailed Shrike, but the British were more interested in finding the Indian Roller, as they had seen the Long-tailed Shrike last spring. On our way to the Sulaibikhat Reserve, I suddenly decided to take them to Kuwait University as it was on our way, I have already told them that the Indian Roller in no longer in Kuwait University, as Rashed tried more than three times to relocate the bird but couldn’t until he gave up. At Kuwait University the groups were trying to relocate a Masked and an Isabelline Shrikes they already had already seen, then I looked to my left hand side and found the Indian Roller just 20m away, the two groups were very happy and much relieved.