15/05/2009 at Jahra East Outfall

The Basra Reed Warbler is still at JEO, hopefully it will breed if there are no further disturbances from bird shooters and grazers, who have been reduced due to collaboration with concerned parties.

Basra Reed Warbler 1, Great Reed Warbler 2, European Reed Warbler 10,  Sykes’s Warbler 1, Willow Warbler 10, Little Bittern, Sedge Warbler 4. All these birds are potential breeders for this year except for the Sykes’s Warbler and Willow Warbler.

Basra Reed Warbler Acrocephalus griseldis دَخْنَاءُ بِصْرِيَّةٌ
Sykes’s Warbler Iduna rama دَخْنَاءُ سَايْكسيَّةٌ