20/04/2009 at Sulaibiya Pivot Fields

Updated 21.4.2009 by P. Fågel

Today we encountered a surprisingly big flock of Pratincoles. My best estimation was 700 birds mainly Black-winged Pratincoles about 600 rest being Collared Praticoles. We found also c. 5  Oriental Pratincoles. They were seen flying in the flock showing no sign of white trailing edge and relatively short tail. Abdulmohsen Alsuraye managed to get flight shots and I got photograph on the ground. We are still evaluating today’s record. Elsewhere in Pivot Fields I saw a big flock of Ortolan Buntings. I counted and finally estimated over 300 birds probably much more.

Just for the interest of coming visitors I had today in Mahboula an immature Socotra Cormorant which I saw through my home window. Good comparisson can be seen between the forefront bird (Common Cormorant) and the bird on right  (Immature Socotra Cormorant). Note  slimmer head and longer neck.

Oriental Pratincole (Glareola maldivarum) 2nd record for Kuwait if accepted by KORC. Note short tail which is not visible under the wings and oval shaped nostril. In the field I saw reddish auxiliaries too.

Oriental Prtincola by Abdulmohsen Alsuraye

Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni يُسْرٌ أَجْنَحُ

Oriental Prtincola by Abdulmohsen Alsuraye

Collared Pratincole Glareola pratincola

Oriental Pratincola by Abdulmohsen Alsuraye

Collared Pratincole Glareola pratincola

Ortolan Bunting (Emberiza hortulana)

Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulana دُرْسَةٌ شَعِيرِيَّةٌ

Socotra Cormorant (Phalacrocorax nigrocularis)

Socotra Cormorant Phalacrocorax nigrogularis غَاقٌ سُقُطْرِيٌّ