Birds Sightings from Kuwait: owned and managed by AbdulRahman Al-Sirhan

22/11/2012 at Jahra East Outfall (Julaidiyat)

I went this morning to Jahra Pool Reserve and I met Khaled Al Ghanem. While chatting Khaled received a call from Rashed Al Hajji. He had found Hooded Wheatear at Jahra East Outfall. We quickly drove over there to see the bird. The place is hardly 500 meters away from the spot where Daniel Mauras photographed a juvenile bird on 10/12/2011. However, this time the bird is adult male.

Male Hooded Wheatear (Oenanthe monacha)

Hooded Wheatear

Hooded Wheatear

Desert Wheatear (Oenanthe deserti) This bird I photographed at  Kuwait International Golf Course on 20/11.2012.