25/05/2010 at SAANR

Season starts to be over by now. I had one Yellow Wagtail, one Spotted Flycatcher and one Norther Wheatear at Tulha – not much compared to fews weeks back. However, it was really nice to find juvenile Dunn’s larks in two locations. Winters 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 were very dry. Larks just disappeared because of that. In last winter we received best raifall for over 15 years and obviously breeding has been successfull. This spring we were not able to find Dunn’s Lark also Black-crowned Sparrow Lark has been scarce. I had 8 birds in Kabd few days ago and today Rashed saw 6 in SAANR. I suppose that next winter is again normal regarding larks.

This was my last birding day this spring/summer in Kuwait next will be sometimes in September.

Juvenile Dunn’s Lark (Eremelauda dunni)

Dunn’s Lark Eremelauda dunni Juvenile
Dunn’s Lark Eremelauda dunni
Greater Hoopoe-Lark Alaemon alaudipes مُكَّاءٌ