Birds Sightings from Kuwait: owned and managed by AbdulRahman Al-Sirhan

27/12/2008 at Jahra Farms

At Jahra Farms: Woodlark 2 (first seen yesterday by Rashed Al-Hajji), Indian Roller 1, White-throated Kingfisher 1, Meadow Pipit 1, White-eared Bulbul 10, Rose-ringed Parakeet 4.

At East Doha: Mew (Common) Gull  1 seen by Pekka and the Belgian Group.

At Jahra East Outfall: Citrine Wagtail 6 seen by Pekka and the Belgian Group.

Yesterday there were three Baillon’s Crakes at JEO seen by the Belgian Group.

Woodlark photographed by A. Al-Sirhan

Woodlark feeding in a farm
Woodlark Lullula arborea قُبَّرَةٌ غَابِيَّةٌ

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