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28/01/2010 at Kabd, Sulaibiya

I was able to visit today Kabd with Andy Clifton, Alan Clewes and Richard Bonser. After seeing Hume’s Wheatear at SAANR during previous days we wanted to check what is the situation of larks in Kabd which is known as the best breeding site of Black-crowned Finch Larks and Dunn’s Larks in Kuwait. Management in charge of the research station belonging to Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR) in Sulaibia was so kind to let us to visit the area. Since two previous years (winters) have been very dry larks have moved away. We managed to find two Black-crowned Finch Larks and one Dunn’s Lark which was very positive sign that they are slowly coming back. This winter we have recieved very good rainfall and therefore vegetation is blooming now. Surprisingly we saw Griffon Vulture flying over us.

Dunn’s Lark (Eremelauda dunni)

Dunn’s Lark Eremalauda dunni حُمَّرَةٌ دَنِيَّةٌ
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