28/03/2008 news from Pekka Fågel

I received this email from Pekka Fågel:

Belgian group came this morning and they got an excellent start for their trip. Male Shikra in the morning at Sulaibikhat N.R. There they saw also 4 Little Gulls in breeding plumage (we have only 4-5 records before). I had  an honor to join them in SAANR where we had 1 Rock Martin (Ptyonoprogne fuligula). After SAANR we visited Jahra Farms where we saw Stone Curlew. Also male White-throated Robin was seen well. One very interesting thing was to find a “new” well for Bank Mynahs. Although I have visited there frequently I have never noticed this well. Approximately 10 birds were seen around the well.

After Jahra Farms we opted to go to JEO in the end of the day which wasn’t bad decission. Due to weather conditions many raptors were on ground. We saw c. 50 Steppe Eagles, 3 Short-toed Eagles, 2 Booted Eagles and Imperial Eagle. Harriers and Lesser as well as Commom Kestrels were numerous. Then one bird dwarfed all the others – Black Vulture.

Black Vulture.



Steppe Eagles.