31/3 – 3/4 Birding in various sites in Kuwait

I have a group of 4 German birders. We started by visiting Green Island where we saw 2 Hypocolius, 4 Red-vented Bulbuls and Eastern Orphean Warbler. Next stop was Jahra Farms producing 3 Bank Mynas and female Semi-collared Flycatcher and Turkestan Shrike. The rest of the day was spent at Doha Spit for waders. Sandplovers were around and the group picked up male Caspian Plover. Additionally they found 3 Pale Rock Sparrows too. So the first day was a good start. On April 1st Matthias Schoebinger joined the group when we visited Al Abraq in the morning. We started with a nice flock of at least 15 migrating Hypocolius. We had at least 20 White-throated Robins just to mention few highlights. In the afternoon we focused on Crab Plover. Finally one bird showed up at Manchester Club. On April 2nd we headed north to Abdaly. First we saw a flock of 10 Hypocolius but soon we spotted 2 Afghan Babblers. Obviously they breed in the same area than last year. On our way back to Kuwait City we saw the first Steppe Eagle. Bank Mynas where in Jahra Farms waiting for Matthias. After this we visited Pivot Fields by watching over the fence since we do not have access to this site at the moment. We managed to see a flock of 33 Lesser Kestrels, Pallid Harrier, Steppe Eagle and two Black Kites. On 3rd April we started early at Jahra Pool Reserve. This produced Mesopotamian Crow, White-tailed Lapwing, Purple Swamphen and Cinereous Bunting. We heard from Kuwaiti photographer, Malek, that Ashy Drongo was still around two days ago. So we headed to Fintas Park. We saw only few glimpses of the drongo and therefore we plan to go there tomorrow morning again.

Afghan Babbler Argya (caudata) huttoni بَلَنْصِيٌّ أَفْغَانِيٌّ
Cinerereous Bunting on grass
Cinerereous Bunting Emberiza cineracea semenowi