Kabd Reserve, 13-14/04/2008

Many of the migrants observed on 12/04 had moved on by the following day, though the Eurasian Wryneck observed near the main gate was seen again on both 13/04 and 14/04.

On 13/04, birds of interest included 6 Steppe Eagles, 8 Lesser Kestrels, 3 Namaqua Doves, 1 Hoopoe Lark. A group of 3 Dunn’s Lark obliged by allowing close-up views for several minutes.

On 14/04, highlights included 3 male Montagu’s Harriers, 1 Purple Heron (resting in a small grass field), 1 Cattle Egret and 2 European Rollers. 

Eurasian Wryneck Jynx torquilla on ground looking over its back
Eurasian Wryneck Jynx torquilla لَوَّاءٌ أَوْرَاسِيٌّ

Montagu’s Harrier

Montagu’s Harrier Circus pygargus in flight
Montagu’s Harrier Circus pygargus مُرْزَةٌ مُونْتِجُوِيَّة

Purple Heron

Purple Heron Ardea purpurea in flight
Purple Heron Ardea purpurea بَلَشُونٌ أُرْجُوَانٌ

European Roller

European Roller Coracias garrulus on wire
European Roller Coracias garrulus شِقِرَّاقٌ أَوْرُوبِيٌّ
Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus
Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus حُمَيْرَاءٌ شَائِعَةٌ