Taiga Flycatcher and Black Drongo in Kuwait

I’ve been birding with Kari Haataja and Hannu Palojarvi for last 5 days. The highlights of the trip have been Taiga Flycatcher and Black Drongo. We have had many other nice species as well. The most notably of them were 3 Black-shouldered Kites, 3 Hume’s Leaf Warblers, Mountain Chiffchaff, male Shikra, Red-tailed Wheatear, big number of Hypocolius c. 50.

Note: Black Drongo was inside royal family farm which is totally off limits. Omar met sheikh Sabah Alsabah in Al Abraq on Nov. 19th. Sheikh mentioned that he found a strange bird in his farm about 10 days ago and invited Omar to check it. Omar visited the place and found out that the bird was Black Drongo. After that we asked Omar any possibility to visit the site. It was unclear until today noon when sheikh repleid to Omar that you can come right now with your friends. We were lucky to be close enough in the field to reach the site in short notice.

Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) Photo by Pekka Fagel

Black Drongo Edolius macrocercus أُدْرونْجُو أَسْوَدُ
Taiga FlycatcherFicedula albicilla ذُبَابِيٌّ تَايْجِيٌّ
Taiga FlycatcherFicedula albicilla ذُبَابِيٌّ تَايْجِيٌّ
Black-winged Kite Elanus caeruleus زُرَّقٌ شَائِعٌ
Caucasian Chiffchaff Phylloscopus lorenzii ذُعَرَةٌ جَبَلِيَّةٌ