07/11/2019 at Jahra Farms and Jal Al-Zor

This morning I went to Jahra Farms, having a feeling that the Black-throated Thrush should have arrived by now as two weeks earlier one was found in Pivot Fields. I didn’t find any interesting bird so had to leave Jal Al Zor for the Wheatears. At the first stop encountered both White-crowned and Eastering Mourning Wheatears side by side.Omar and I searched for the Lilith Owlet, but we didn’t it. A number of eagles passed overhead, they included Egyptian Vulture, Steppe Eagles and Eastern Imperial Eagles. We also had a male Black Redstart feeding under my parked car.

I was later contacted by Roy Verhoef, a Danish bird watcher visiting Kuwait for work, telling me he found a Black-throated Thrush!