14/04/2012 at Al Abraq Al Khabari

Visitors from UK, France and Sweden headed to Al Abraq this morning since Finnish team saw so many good birds over there on previous day. The place was indeed full of migrants. Probably one of the most sought after was Basra Reed Warbler. We managed to see at least 4 birds. Other good species were; Semi-collared Flycatcher 3, White-throated Robin 4, Upcher’s Warbler 1, Eastern Orphean Warbler 1, Menetries’s Warbler 2, Hypocolius 6, Shikra 1 adult male, Pale Rock Sparrow 2 and singing male Dead Sea Sparrow. The latter one is really interesting since the bird was singing actively for long time and it showed several times display next to the nest.

Basra Reed Warbler Acrocephalus griseldis دَخْنَاءُ بِصْرِيَّةٌ
Dead Sea Sparrow Passer moabiticus عُصْفُورٌ فِلَسْطِينِيٌّ