18/09/2023 Jahra Farms and Jahra Pools Reserve

I am experiencing my first autumn birding in Kuwait this season! I was away from the country before, so I anticipate observing some bird migration. Despite the hot weather, I chose to go birdwatching today, eager to witness the autumn migration following the prolonged hot summer.
Upon entering the Jahra Reserve, I noticed the tall reeds obscuring what was behind them. But there were some exposed shallow water pools. I scanned the area, and there were some waders, mostly Little Stints and Little Ringed Plovers.

At Jahra Reserve, I spotted numerous Namaqua Doves, around twenty in number, a White-throated Kingfisher, two spur-winged Lapwings, a pair of Little Grebes, and over 40 Western Yellow Wagtails. Additionally, more than twenty Steppe Buzzards were soaring high above, with some descending closer to the ground, possibly in search of water and a couple of Black Kites. I also observed a pair of Black-headed Buntings flying over the reeds before landing again.

At Jahra Farms, there were at least four Masked Shrikes, one Woodchat Shrike, five Bank Mynas, five Greater Short-toed Larks, and loads of Western Yellow Wagtails. Nestled in the tree shades, Willow Warblers, Lesser Whitethroats, and a Eurasian Wryneck made their presence. Additionally, I noticed a pair of Barred Warblers and two Garden Warblers.