3/9/2008 at Abraq Al Habari

It was soon obvious that raptor migration had started. First for this autumn were Steppe Eagle, Booted Eagle and Pallid Harrier. Also Ortolan Bunting was new.

Steppe Eagle 1, Booted Eagle 1, Montagu’s Harrier 1, Pallid Harrier 3, Marsh Harrier 3, Black Kite 5, Common Buzzard 2, Ortolan Bunting 1, Black-headed Bunting 3, Woodchat Shrike 2, Red-backed Shrike 1, Masked Shrike 1, Barred Warbler 2, Eastern Orphean Warbler 1, Whitethroat 3, Lesser Whitethroat 1, Golden Oriole 4, Great Reed Warbler 1, Marsh Warbler 2, Upcher’s Warbler 1, Short-toed Lark 60, Yellow Wagtail 20, Turtle Dove 1.

Steppe Eagle, juvenile (Aqila nipalensis)

Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis عُقَابٌ سَهْبِيَّةٌ

Booted Eagle, dark morph (Hieraetus pennatus)

Booted Eagle Hieraaetus pennatus عُقَابٌ مُسَيَّرَةٌ

Pallid Harrier, juvenile (Circus macrourus)

Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus مُرْزَةٌ بَغْثَاءُ

Pallid Harrier, female (Circus macrourus)

Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus مُرْزَةٌ بَغْثَاءُ

Eastern Orphean Warbler (Sylvia crassirostris)

Eastern Orphean Warbler Curruca crassirostris دُخَّلَةٌ حَدَائِقِيَّةٌ شَرْقِيَّةٌ