04/03/2009 at Sulaibiya Pivot Fields

Common Linnet 2, Common Snipe 1, Imperial Eagle 2, Marsh Harrier 1, Black Kite 6, Cattle Egret 60, Red Bishop (escapee) 2, Isabelline Shrike 2, Siberian Stonechat 4, Eurasian Skylark 3, Crested Lark 5, Eurasian Hoopoe 1, Corn Bunting 2, Yellow Wagtail 8, White Wagtail 20, Water Pipit 10, Citrine Wagtail 1

Common Linnet Carduelis cannabina

Common Linnet

Yellow Wagtail Motocilla  flava feldegg

Yellow Wagtail ssp. feldegg

Corn Bunting Miliaria calandra

Corn Bunting

5 Responses

  1. Very Nice Shot especially this female linnet is they stay in Kuwait in summer? In Iran we can’t see them in south at summer

  2. No they don’t stay up to summer. They are rare birds in Kuwait and have been seen in the past during winter only.

  3. Bangeree says:

    Nice Shot and the pure colours of birds are really amazing .

  4. Dallas Hewett says:

    Very Nice Pictures.
    What kind of Camera do you use?

  5. Hi Dallas,
    I use Canon 40D an SLR camera.