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05/05/2009 at Jahra Farms

Yesterday Rashed had found a Great Snipe at Jahra Farms, so today Pekka and I went to Jahra Farms and found the Great Snipe which is a rare bird that had not been seen for a number of years.

Great Snipe 1, Bank Myna 9, Indian Roller 1, Basra Reed Warbler 1, Common Redstart 6, Red-backed Shrike 7,  Red-throated Pipit 5, Tree Pipit 2, Squacco Heron 2, White-throated Kingfisher 1, Rose-necked Parakeet 1, Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush 2, Common Chiffchaff 4.

Great Snipe, Gallinago media by R. Al-Hajji

Great Snipe

Great Snipe, Gallinago media by A. Al-Sirhan

Great Snipe

2 Responses

  1. Very nice shot
    I cant see every white strip around tail may be young
    We are going to south of khuzestan near Kuwait tommorow may be have a chance to record great snipe

  2. It showed the white in tail when was in flight