12/09/2010 at Jahra Pool Reserve and Jahra Farms

Bird of the day: Great Bittern with a highest ever daily count of 12 at Jahra Pool Reserve first found by Humoud Al-Shayjii. Previous highest daily count was 6 on 20/10/1995.

Edit: from photographs the 12 birds turned out to be juveniles of Black-crowned Night Heron (not Great Bitterns).

Jahra Pool:

Purple Heron 20, Basra Reed Warbler 1, Sparrowhawk 1, Steppe Grey Shrike 3, Marsh Sandpiper 4, Grey Heron 11, Squacco Heron 2, Spotted Flycatcher 2, Graceful Prinia 2, Yellow Wagtail 20 mostly feldegg ssp., Water Pipit 1, Citrine Wagtail 1, Little Grebe 1, Green Sandpiper 4, Ruff 14, Dunlin 50, Wood Sandpiper 5, Little Ringed Plover 1, Common Rimged Plover 1, Turkestan Shrike 5, Kentish Plover 1, Masked Shrike 1, Black-eared Wheatear 1.

The water at Jahra pool temporarily┬ádried out so most birds moved in towards the reeds as the sun was setting down it was difficult to relocate the Blyth’s Pipit.

Jahra Farms:

Eurasian Wryneck 1, Thrush Nighingale 1, White-spotted Bluethroat 1, Turkestan Shrike 2 (juv.), Common Whitethroat 1, Spotted Flycatcher 2, Rose-ringed Parakeet 1, Bank Myna 10, Common Myna 1, Collared Dove 2, Laughing Dove 8, White-eared Bulbul 10, White-throated Kingfisher 1,

2 Responses

  1. Stew Hinley says:

    The hind claw looks a little too long don’t yoy think?

  2. I now believe it is Richard’s Pipit.