20/06/2010 a brief visit to Kubbar Island

A brief visit to Kubbar Island produced the following breeding adults:

White-cheeked Tern 3000, Lesser Crested Tern 500, Bridled Tern 4000.

The good rain this year has improved the habitat for the breeding terns. The perennial bushes of Suaeda vermiculata has grown very well and expanded to produce a good breeding habitat for the Bridled Tern which only breeds under the shade of these bushes. Also the dry grass that was at a height of up 25cm provided a good shelter to the chicks.

Compared to last year on 23/06/2009 the number of breeding birds was:

White-cheeked Tern 2000, Lesser Crested Tern 400, Bridled Tern 2200.

Bridled Tern Onychoprion anaethetus

White-cheeked Tern  Sterna repressa

Suaeda vermiculata bush

Suaeda vermiculata bushes, the breeding habitat of Bridled Tern.

Dry grass is a perfect cover for the chicks


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  1. These photos are gorgeous.
    What a perfect habitat for the Terns!