Kubbar Island

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Greater Crested Tern in flight

23/06/2009 Kubbar Island

A visit to Kubbar Island on 23/06/2009  produced: Bridled Tern 2200, White-cheeked Tern 2000, Greater Crested Tern 4, Lesser Crested Tern 400, Red-backed Shrike 1, Yellow Wagtail 1 (ssp. feldegg). Probably most of all the Lesser Crested Terns had...

White-cheeked Tern Sterna repressa pn sea rock

27/06/2008 at Kubbar Island

White-cheeked Tern 450+ pairs (I have counted 450 pairs), Lesser Crested Tern 200+ (only rough estimation), Bridled Tern 500+ pairs (rough estimation), Tawny Pipit 1, Common Kestrel 2 White-cheeked Tern

White-cheeked Tern Sterna repressa on sea rock

24/05/2008 a trip to Kubbar Island.

Bridled Tern 1000+ pairs, White-cheeked Tern 100+ pairs, Lesser-crested Tern 100+ pairs, Socotra Cormorant 4, Garden Warbler 1,  Eastern Olivaceous Warbler 2, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater 1, Lesser Kestrel 2, European Roller 1, Black-eared Wheatear 2, Marsh Warbler 2, Willow Warbler...