21/04/2012 at Mutla’a Ranch

I visited Mutla’a Ranch this morning with Mike & Sylvie Newey and Christine Canzanella. The main target was Yellow-throated Sparrow which Mike and Sylvie eventually found. We saw the birds nicely. Other good birds were Masked Shrike and female Semi-collared Flycatcher.

Yellow-throated Sparrow (Petronia xanthocollis)

Yellow-throated Sparrow Gymnoris xanthocollis عُصْفُورٌ أَصْفَرُ زَوْرٍ

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  1. Mary Horne says:

    Hi: we are new to Kuwait and into the environment and desert. We came across mutla ranch today and wanted to go and visit and find out what was there. Do you know the place and can you help us? We live in Kuwait city. Thanks you and look forward to hearin from you, Maryann and Jason Horne