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28/12/2011 at Al Abraq Al Khabari and elsewhere

We visited in the morning Al Abraq where we saw Black-throated Thrush and Buff-bellied Pipit. Obviously the same bird that was seen by  a Finnish group c. two weeks ago.  On our way back we stopped by Jahra Farms in hope of Shikra or Bank Myna but in vain.  Last stop was well known lark-site and produced c. 30 Black-crowned Finch Larks and one Dunn’s Lark.

Buff-bellied Pipit (Anthus rubescens japonicus)

Buff-bellied Pipit Anthus rubescens japonicus جُشْنَةٌ نَبْطَاءُ سَيْبيرِيَّةٌ

Male Black-crowned Finch Lark (Eremopetrix nigriceps)

Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark Eremopterix nigriceps أَكْبَدٌ

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  1. Great to have met you at the IBIS this week Abdulrahman!
    Thanks so much for all your work in our common endeavor.

    Please keep my e-mail so we can communicate.

    Best regards from all the Biodiversity East team!

    Stam Zogaris, Athens.

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